My Experience

With over 5 years of experience as an Agile Coach and Product Manager in the tech industry, I bring a unique combination of technical know-how and business acumen to my clients. My background in market research and expertise in Agile methodology has enabled me to successfully launch over 20 profitable products through cross-functional teams.
As a former Scrum Master and Product Owner, I have a track record of effectively organizing and streamlining scrum teams and promoting stakeholder buy-in for seamless product development. I have also trained numerous individuals in the Scrum and Kanban frameworks, helping to implement agile approaches across organizations.
In addition to my work in the tech industry, I have a passion for empowering startups and entrepreneurs. I have served as a mentor to over 250 startups and have organized 5 National Startup Competitions, 1 Defense Technologies-based Hackathon, 1 Ecology-based Hackathon, and 1 Global Acceleration Program (A-Hub) for ICESCO, as well as 4 National Incubation/Acceleration Programs. I am also the CEO of my own Business Consulting Company (Time Agency) and run an Incubation/Acceleration Center (New Space), while serving as advisor to 7 thriving startups - SaVent, Drop by Drop, FluSi, Bulud One, Home School, AllinUS, AllinFund .
My unwavering determination to help clients achieve their goals is what sets me apart. I am never satisfied until my clients reach their desired outcomes and I am dedicated to helping them unlock their full potential. Whether you're looking to improve your Agile process, launch a successful product, or grow your startup, I am here to support and guide you every step of the way

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